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Redefining Retirement From Nursing As A Spiritual Journey

By Special To The Message

Evansville-based Forbes Well-Being Advisors has announced a retreat for those retiring – and beginning to plan for retirement – from nursing. Set for Dec. 1-2 at Our Lady of Fatima Retreat House in Indianapolis, “Redefining retirement from nursing as a spiritual journey” will introduce a program designed to help Catholic/Christian nurses find new purpose, new meaning and new directions in their retirement years.

“All the retirement ads we see are focused almost exclusively on the financial aspects of retirement,” said Rachel Forbes Kaufman of Forbes Well-Being Advisors, which is organizing the weekend retreat. “The retirement years are the most spiritually fertile years of our lives, and the retirement transition is as much –or more – about an emotional and spiritual journey than anything else.

“While finances are certainly important, for Christians that singular focus misses the value of our retirement years,” Kaufman added. “It is during the second half of life that we are called to grow spiritually in new and wonderful ways.”

Kaufman said the programming is based on 30 years of research by pioneering gerontological counselor and retirement researcher Richard Johnson, Ph.D, of St. Louis, Mo. Kaufman said the retreat is based on Johnson’s book “Creating a Successful Retirement: Finding Peace and Purpose.” Retreatants need not have read the book before the weekend, but copies will be available for purchase.

“Forbes Well-Being Advisors is the first group to apply Dr. Johnson’s pioneering work to the soon-to-retire health care community,” Kaufman said. The inventories retreatants will complete will help us establish normative data for Catholic/Christian nurses, which will then help us refine programming for future groups of Catholic/Christian nurses. If retirement is in your future, we invite you to come and be part of this ground-breaking endeavor.”

Kaufman said the retreat is intended for:

  • Catholic/Christian professional nurses who are beginning to think about retirement 
  • Nurses who have already retired and desire to participate
  • Spouses of nurses are encouraged to attend, and special pricing is available for couples

Retreat leaders include Dr. Johnson, Kaufman, financial planner James C. Brocke, CFP® and attorney and financial advisor Michael Cahill, CFP®, JD.

Tuition is $325.  Special pricing is available for spouses and retired nurses.

Tuition includes:

  • Two days of customized, live-event content from experienced presenters
  • Workshop materials that will enhance personal planning
  • Personalized Christian Retirement Challenge Profile (CRCP)© *
  • Clinician Well-Being Self-Assessment (WSAT)©, if still practicing *
  • One complimentary spiritual retirement coaching session
  • Three meals on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday

* NOTE:  Pre-workshop inventories are included and must be returned to Forbes Well-Being Advisors by Nov. 14 to ensure that participants’ personalized profiles are available during the retreat. Instructions for inventories will be provided after registration is completed. Any inventories received after Nov. 14 will be routed to participants as quickly as possible but may not be available before the retreat.

A limited number of rooms are available at the Fatima Retreat Center, which is located at 5353 East 56th St., Indianapolis, IN 46226. 

To register and reserve lodging at the retreat center, contact Kaufman at (812) 459-1058 (talk/text) or by email at For more information, visit