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Handy Helpers Is Open For Business!

By Special To The Message
New Handy Helpers social-enterprise technicians Steven, left, Anthony, Ricky and Matthew show off their problem solving skills with an egg-drop challenge. Submitted photo.

“Handy Helpers Home Repair understands that your home requires repairs and maintenance that you do not have the time, know-how or tools to fix.  Our trained technicians will fix those problems in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. Call (812-913-9800) or visit our website today to learn more about our services or book your appointment” (Customer ‘pitch’ written by Catholic Charities Social Enterprise Business Committee during its training in Nashville, Tenn., in June).

October 15 was an all-around great day! 

Catholic Charities’ social enterprise – an effort funded by the Steward of God’s Grace capital campaign – opened for business.  Four employees are spending two weeks in orientation and training to become handyman technicians for Handy Helpers Home Repair.  Their manager, Gary Kieffer, says, “They stand ready and able to serve your home repair and maintenance needs beginning Monday, October 29, 2018.”

Social enterprises are for-profit businesses that incorporate a social mission in their design and operations.  The home-repair company’s technicians have experienced disjointed work patterns – usually due to lack of formal education, addiction or incarceration histories.  The technicians undergo a three-stage interview process, drug test and background screenings. All are ready to work, desiring to be able to afford housing, support children and other family members, and develop long-term careers. 

The four technicians will work 40-hour weeks.  Most of that time will be spent in providing outdoor, indoor and routine home-maintenance services for the company’s paying customers.  For eight hours each week, the technicians will work on developing solid personal habits such as communicating clearly, obtaining a GED, paying bills on time and participating appropriately in family life.  In addition, they will acquire and master the ‘soft’ skills of working – showing up on time, solving problems, working in teams and following instructions. 

So far, so good. The four technicians walked and bussed to the ‘office’ (the former  St. Theresa Rectory).  They opened checking accounts for the first time in their lives in order to receive their pay via direct deposits. Lessons in using debit cards – especially not over-drafting – followed.  An ice cream social served as a mixer with potential work mentors.  And shopping for uniform pants, shoes, belts and socks took the better part of a morning. 

Come Oct. 29, though, it will be time to serve you – our customers.  Our rates are reasonable, and our service promises to be outstanding.  Call 812-913-9800 today to schedule your service appointment.  At Handy Helpers Home Repair, we’re working for you!