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Update On Release Of Clergy Names


In late September, the Diocese of Evansville announced its intention tocollect and release the names of diocesan priests who have been credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors.

The thorough inspection of clergy records dating from the diocese’s founding in 1944 continues. When complete, the Diocesan Review Board and Bishop Joseph M. Siegel will review the findings to assure that they are as complete as possible. Following their review, the diocese will release the report publicly, and post it to the diocesan website and the website of the diocesan weekly newspaper, The Message. That release will occur in the early months of 2019.

Update on the investigation into allegations against Father Dave Fleck

On Sept. 8, the diocese announced that Father Dave Fleck had been placed on administrative leave after a report of sexual misconduct that allegedly occurred decades ago was received by the diocese. The investigation continues, and Father Fleck remains prohibited from all public ministry.