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National Catholic Scouting Committee Honors Diocesan Committee


The National Catholic Committee on Scouting has announced that the Diocese of Evansville’s Catholic Committee on Scouting has earned the Quality Diocesan Committee Award for the 13th consecutive year. The Evansville committee owns the award for every year since its inception in 2002.

 Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting Chairman Bill Noll announced the honor June 29. The Evansville DCCS is one of only seven – out of 190 dioceses across the country – that have been honored all 13 years.

 To earn the award, a diocesan Catholic scouting committee meets at least four times a year; presents reports to the bishop and to the regional chair; maintains a minimum of one contact with each of the diocese’s Catholic unit leaders; promotes religious emblems and trains counselors for the emblems; conducts spiritual formation training for adult leaders; conducts an annual religious program like a retreat; has a Diocesan Mass; publicizes committee activities with the local scout council; hosts a DCCS website; and promotes Mass coverage for local scouting events. 

 Diocesan Scout Chaplain, Deacon Charlie Koressel, and Steve Dabrowski, director of the Office of Youth and Young Adults, serve as DCCS liaisons to Bishop Charles C. Thompson.