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Source And Summit

By Laura Acchidardo The Message Intern
Attendees Alena Coleman, left, and Maria Sermersheim enjoy the pizza and the company.


More than 30 young people spent a recent Friday evening at St. John Daylight Parish with the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus – the Source and Summit of our Catholic faith. The Diocese of Evansville holds Source and Summit weekend retreats for youth and adults annually in late winter. This event, although shortened, proved impactful.

"Source and Summit has blessed my life in so many ways that I have a hard time imagining my life without it," attendee Holly Thieman said. "It's a really good way to get back on the path because we're all prone to stray. It's a good reset button."

The evening, which was themed “Love God,” featured prayer, adoration, and a meal with good company.

"It's a fun way to get to know people who believe the same things and have the same values as you do," attendee Maria Sermersheim said.

After musical liturgy, Father Jeff Read, associate pastor at Evansville’s Holy Rosary Parish, read from the Gospel and gave a homily. He talked of the importance of having a relationship with God, and how God pulls His children to Him. God is always looking for His people, and they are always looking for Him.

Adoration followed, and confession was available. As adoration concluded, everyone moved to the cafeteria for pizza and chips, and a chance to catch up and share some casual time with each other. A few participants also went outside to play Frisbee.

"As we listen to scripture, it encourages us to sit in silence and listen to what God has to say," Source and Summit Director Gail Shetler said. "But God also wants us to talk to Him like He's our friend. He wants to know everything about our lives, to share our troubles with Him. And then sit in silence and let Him help us work those problems out and bring us to another level.

"This is a place to come together," Shetler added. "We're sending a message of God's love for us; and together, we return God's love to Him. So we have 'Love God' as a command, but then it's a two-way street. God loves us, so we have 'Love, God'. With events like Source and Summit, when you take time to talk and grow closer to God, you recommit your life to Him."