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Father Meny

By Justine Faraone Special To The Message
Band of Gold members pose for a group photo during the special visit to honor Father Meny.


On the evening of Friday, Oct. 17, Father Hilary Meny was honored with a special concert presented by the Shawe Memorial High School Marching Band of Gold from Madison, Ind.  The concert was held in Haubstadt. 
Father Meny, a retired priest of the Indianapolis Catholic Archdiocese, currently resides in Haubstadt and has been a long-time supporter of the Shawe Memorial Band.
Father Meny served as pastor of St. Patrick's Church in Madison for more than 40 years, and was involved in the founding and establishment of Shawe Memorial.  He also served as superintendent of the school.  Over all these years, his affinity and support for the school has never wavered.
Because of Father Meny's ongoing support of the Shawe Memorial Band, band director Bill Gordon decided to bring the Band of Gold to present a personal concert for Father.  "We thought that playing for Father Meny would mean so much more than any thank you card could ever say,” Gordon said.
So, a plan was set. 
The Shawe Memorial Band was coming to Evansville to participate in the Oct. 18 Marching Band Competition at Central High School, and a side trip to Haubstadt was planned for Oct.17.
The evening concert was held on Vine Street in Haubstadt, between Saints Peter and Paul Church and School.  The 45 musicians and flag-bearers performed three beautiful contest pieces for Father Meny and his family, band chaperones, friends, and neighbors.
During the concert, Father Meny moved his hands like he was conducting the band.  He thoroughly enjoyed the concert and was completely awed and honored by the performance.
After the concert, each band member and parent shook Father Meny's hand and thanked him for his ongoing generosity to the band.  "I was so proud of the kids,” Gordon said.  “The experience was amazing.  It is a memory that will be with me for many years to come."
Father Meny will celebrate his 100th birthday on Jan. 21, 2015.  His family invited the Band of Gold to come back and be part of the large birthday celebration being planned in his honor.
Its 45 members represent more than one-quarter of the school's student body. Shawe Memorial is affiliated with Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Madison.