Southwestern Indiana's Catholic Community Newspaper

A Day In The Life


Each day, I am blessed to spend uninterrupted time with my children as I drive them to and from their respective schools.  At pick-up, the conversation always is the same as I ask them to tell me about their day. After hearing tales of student council elections, the killer wasps residing on the school basketball goals and ranking the awesomeness of the school lunch, my boys will come around to asking me about my day.


“What did you do at work today, Mom?”


The answer is usually quite simple. Write. Edit. Post items online.


But the truth is, I can’t easily pigeonhole what my day entails.


Through my work, I get the opportunity to present the human view of what is happening in local church communities.  Some days I visit schools and talk to local youth, while others offer opportunities to interact with the leaders of our local  Catholic Church.  I interact with the staff of the Catholic Center administrative offices.  I meet in person and tell the stories of locals, and share the good news of the Diocese of Evansville.


I am part of a team working in a rapidly changing industry. The number of newspapers is dwindling along with the frequency of publication.  The news is easily found online through dedicated websites or social media.  But weekly, I find myself in conversation with someone who mentions that they love to read a “real” paper and hold it in their hands.


The number of weekly Catholic Newspapers being published in our world is diminishing.  Earlier in the summer, editor Tim Lilley shared with The Message team that we were one of only three newspapers in the entire nation publishing 51 issues per year. (The Message does not publish a newspaper between Christmas and New Year’s Day.)


There is always plenty of news to read about throughout the world. But it is a blessing that the Diocese of Evansville supports the efforts to report on local events in a timely manner. Local reporting provides The Message the opportunity to report stories that may be overlooked by major television or online news.  


I hope you feel the same way.  At The Message we love creating the all-diocesan issues that go out to all registered households in the diocese.  It’s a way to showcase the wonderful events and people in the diocese of Evansville.  


We will continue to try to share the stories that matter most to readers; to inform, interpret and entertain.  And we hope that you, the readers, will continue to read, share and enjoy the news shared each week.