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Seminarian Loves To Witness God Working Through The Sacraments

Andrew Thomas
Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary
Home Parish: St. Vincent de Paul, Vincennes


Education and Formation

What schools or institutions have been part of your education, and what is next?

I will be starting my second year at Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary. I have attended Flaget Elementary and South Knox Schools (3-12) in Vincennes. I plan to finish at Bishop Bruté, then move to St. Meinrad School of Theology to finish my formation.


Your Vocation

Who — or what — affirms you as a seminarian?

My parents have always affirmed a Christ-centered life, and finding the joy in the faith community is what tells me that Christ is amazing and pulls me closer to Him.

What area of priestly ministry is most attractive?

All forms of ministry are attractive, but what I find the most attractive is seeing God work through the Sacraments.


Your Future

Looking ahead to life as a priest in the Diocese of Evansville, God willing, what are your thoughts on the importance of preaching?

Preaching is very important because it points people to Christ through His Church and words.

What have you heard about cluster parishes?

Clustered parishes are going to happen, but God has a plan. I expect that God will make good from whatever the Church does.

How do you view the role of the priest in supporting vocations?

The priest stands in the person of Christ, and it was Christ who called the first priests. That being said, it is one of the roles of a priest to grow the kingdom and to grow the priestly office.

What qualities do you think most people want to see in a diocesan priest?

Holy and authentic are the two qualities I think people look for in priests. They must be truly in love with Christ and truly as Christ made them