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Seminarian Looks Forward To Being Part Of The Community, People's Lives

Luke Hassler
College Sophomore
Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary


Education and Formation

When and where did you begin formal study to the priesthood? What schools or institutions have been part of your education?

I attended St. Philip grade school and moved onto Mater Dei High School. I am in my second year at Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary at Marian University.

What’s next?

What education or formation do you expect to achieve before ordination? I plan on attending St. Meinrad Seminary after Bishop Bruté.


Your Vocation

Who — or what — affirms you as a seminarian?

My family and friends have had a big impact on my vocation.

What area of ordained ministry is most attractive?

Being able to have a big role in the community and play a big part in peoples’ lives.

What are your thoughts on the importance of preaching?

Preaching is important because it takes the life of Christ a step forward into something our generation understands.

What have you heard about cluster parishes?

As the amount of priests in the diocese is sparse, it is necessary to cluster parishes together to make it easier on each priest.


Your Future

What role will technology have, if any, in assisting with your ministry?

Technology is necessary as long as it doesn’t take away from the Mass.

What is the role of the priest in supporting vocations?

It is important for a priest to support vocations because when they encourage vocations they encourage the future of the Church.

What qualities do you think most people want to see in a diocesan priest?

It’s important to be really down to earth and to be able to understand peoples’ problems.