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Seminarian Looks Forward To Inspiring Others Just As He Has Been Inspired

Keith Dewig
College junior
Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary


Education and Formation

What schools or institutions have been part of your education?

I began my formal study at Bishop Simon Bruté College/Marian University for the Catholic priesthood. My grade school studies took place at Haubstadt Community School, then I got my high school education at Gibson Southern High School. Before entering seminary, I also graduated from Ivy Tech Community College with an Industrial Maintenance degree.

What other formation programs or processes have you completed?

I have been a youth minister for a year, which included four parishes. I have also been a part of Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) for three years along with Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) for three years while taking part in TEC. I have also spent my past summer with Father Dave Fleck in Vincennes.

What’s next?

I am at Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary in Indianapolis this fall. I expect to attend St. Meinrad School of Theology for my four years of theology as well before ordination.


Your Vocation

Who — or what — affirms you as a seminarian?

My affirmation comes mainly from priests who have been a major part of my life, Father Gary Kaiser, Father Tony Ernst and Father Dave Fleck being the main ones. I could not do it though without the wonderful support of my CRHP and TEC families as well. My parish has only added more support on top of all this. They are my home away from home.

What area of priestly ministry is most attractive?

I truly find reconciliation the most attractive. Reconciliation truly brought me back to full swing in my Catholic faith. To say thank you for God’s grace in this sacrament, I want to be able to minister it to his children in return. I feel it is what we have to have and participate in to fully show our love for God in the Eucharist.

What are your thoughts on cluster parishes?

I have been a part of cluster parishes my whole life. I truly feel it has brought more people into one body in Christ. Everybody wants to be there for each other because of this.


Your Future

What role do priests have in supporting vocations?

I feel priests are the main supporters in vocations. Priests that have taken time out of their schedule to talk to me have been what truly made me realize why I am receiving this calling. The love of their own vocation makes it easier for others to see that themselves.

What qualities do you think most people want to see in a diocesan priest?

Priests need to have a balance. In other words, they need to be able to say “yes” and “no.” They should show how to pray and work in conjunction. Most of all I feel they must be able to listen as much as preach. Priests that are willing to do this truly show the love of their vocation and family in Christ.