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Seminarian Profile - Tyler Underhill

Tyler Underhill

Name: Tyler Underhill 

Date of Birth: July 30, 1997

Where were you born? Washington, Ind.

Do you have brothers and sisters?  If so, what are their names and ages?

I have three younger siblings. My brother Clayton is 18 years old.  My other brother, Presley, and my sister, Gwendolyn, are 15. They are fraternal twins. 

Parents’ names: Clint and Sarah Underhill

Current Parish: Our Lady of Hope Parish in Washington 

What aspect of priestly ministry is most attractive to you?

The most attractive aspect of priestly ministry to me is the celebration of the sacraments.  Through the sacraments, the grace and love of Christ is brought to those who are in need of it. 

What would you say to a young man who is considering a call to the priesthood?

Any young man who is considering a call to priesthood should first pray.  Ask the Lord to help you in your discernment.  I would also recommend meeting with your pastor. 

What does discipleship mean to you?  Tell us why the Church needs disciples today.

Discipleship to me means not only following the commands Jesus give us, but going out into the world with a radical love for Christ and leading others to the good news of the Gospel, Jesus Christ. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I attended Veal Elementary before I transferred to Washington Catholic School. At Washington Catholic, I became involved with many service activities such as St. Vincent de Paul Society and our youth group.  I enjoy watching movies and traveling. 

What Scripture passage hits home with you the most these days? Why? 

In the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 10, when Jesus says” Do not think that I have come to bring peace upon the earth, but the sword.” I believe this really applies in today’s world.  We must not settle and be at peace with certain cultural norms that are contrary to church teaching, but rather stand firm in our faith and defend what we profess. 

Do you have a favorite saint?  Who is it and why?

One of my favorite saints is St. Joseph.  I even chose him as my confirmation saint.  I admire St. Joseph’s courage and his humility. He trusted in the Lord, even when things were unclear and beyond his understanding.